A Gaggle of Grecos

A Gaggle of Grecos. Is that a legit collective term?

This weekend was another totally memorable one. Is it possible to fit worlds of fun into just three short days? Yes! And it was wonderful!!

Hosts of friends and relatives descended upon Fairport this weekend for the double whammy celebration for Annalisse's last downstage show and Fairport Canal Days, our village's yearly arts & crafts festival. The really special thing about the weekend was a visit from my dearest friends, Sue and Ken, and also having both my sisters come for the festivities.

At work we are now on half-day Fridays, and let me tell you, last Friday morning was the longest in recent history. I was counting the minutes until I could be free since I knew I had a lot of prep for the weekend, not to mention massive cleanup at the house resulting from the installation of new windows. (Which, with each room, has caused a total move out of all furniture and other stuff. When complete, we need to mop the floors of drywall dust and clean everything off before moving things back in. Additionally, it usually results in a total laundering of sheets and comforters - great timing all around for a jam packed weekend with visitors!!)

So, I rushed home, went grocery shopping, did my chores, sent Cam off to his weekend training for his camp job, and waited. Sue and Ken came around 6:30, then we headed off to Annalisse's show - another "last." She and her fellow seniors in the group did a great job, and she actually held it together pretty well at the end with a lot of emotion flowing. As with all years, they produced a cute end-of-the-year movie which I will post on the blog once I have a link.

After the show, we went to Donnelly's for a late dinner, then hit the sack. On Saturday morning I was wide awake by 5:30am (why does that always happen?!!), so we got up, did some outdoor chores, and were joined by Sue and Ken for a quick breakfast before hitting the streets of Canal Days.

The day shaped up beautifully, with lots of sun until an afternoon shower, then everyone descended onto Bakerhaus for a picnic featuring, as it turned out, a lot of North Country favorites like glazier hots, Grandma Brown's baked beans and salt potatoes. We were joined by Carol, Paul, Nic, Patrick, Mary, Sue's niece Lauren, Lena and Ken and a couple of Carol's friends. It was a houseful of raucous, loud, crazy Grecos. Fun, fun stuff.

All was quiet on Sunday morning, as Ken and Sue departed early, and we did stuff around the house before heading to Canal Days for one last walk around. On the way there it started pouring and we got soaked, but no worries. The sun soon came out and we were baking again. Cam got home around 1:30 from his training, and it was naps all around as Bakers were strewn all over the living room for a couple of hours.

It was the perfect weekend. These moments are definitely ones to grab onto and tuck away. Love, love, LOVE!


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