Mega Project 2013 Update

The Bakers have been consumed with all the much needed home improvements that are becoming the theme of Summer 2013. Here's where we are so far:
  • The sewer pipe from the upstairs to the basement has been replaced. This project entailed cutting the drywall in the dining room, replacing the pipe, patching it back up and a refresher paint job.
  • The eight of the windows have been replaced. What a dirty job. Everything is back in place but some not so great side effects of that project is that the shutters no longer fit on the windows and I have to get our painter back in to fill in where they cut the windows out, followed by painting of the moulding and surrounding walls. Don't you just love all the hidden costs?
  • The new side fence has been installed. BUT, they installed the swinging door backwards so the hardware (not attractive) is facing the street vs. facing internally into the yard. They are coming back next week to fix that.
  • The garage floor has been replaced, the back wall has been repaired, the front facade has been updated and we have a new garage door. And it looks awesome!
  • The porch is being totally replaced (except for the roof). Meaning: the original plan to just replace the floor and steps has turned into replacing the floor, steps, base, columns, and rails. Another unexpected expense that blew up our budget. So, we head to the credit union today to get more $$. Even though it's costing a ton the new porch will be beautiful with natural wood floors and new columns and rails. I'm also looking for a new porch rug to make my outdoor living room super cosy for the summer.
  • The painter will start the house soon. Once everything is completed the painter will swoop in to put the finishing touches on the house and garage. We are going for a slate gray with white trim look. 
(And, as an added bonus, the microwave died this week. Gak!)

I will post before and after pictures once all is complete. Stay tuned!


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