Girl's Weekend 2013

It is with mounting anticipation that you are visiting the Fabulous B@ker Blog to read all about Girl's Weekend 2013, aren't you? Well, then, let's get started!

Back in the cold of winter we settled on the date of this year's annual Girl's Weekend, and it finally came this past weekend in Hershey, PA. The location seemed perfect since it was a reasonable distance for the North Country girls and those coming up from the south. The exciting part was that it is our 10th Girl's Weekend (Which means we are all 10 years older than the 40th birthday we celebrated at the during the first Girl's Weekend in 2003, right after my dad passed away. The math is pretty depressing...).

On Thursday, Mark drove me to Syracuse to meet Heather, Lorie and Gina to hitch a ride to Hershey (we were down to one car last week as Cam needed the other one to get back and forth to Naz for his Organic Chem class). I hadn't been to Hershey for probably 20ish years so I was looking forward to the trip. Early on, we decided we weren't really going to go to Hershey Park, but would rather just meet up and see where the next couple of days took us.

We got the the campground around 6pm, after a terrible hour of driving in a very bad, low visibility storm (there was even a tornado watch). Gina drove all the way from Syracuse so she was pretty tense by the time we arrived. Sue arrived minutes later. We checked in and found our way to our extremely cute cabin, which was a little like a mobile home made of pine:

It was really sweet and slept six to eight people. The room I stayed in with Sue and Heather had three single bunks and one double bunk. Very cozy. After settling in and unpacking, we went to dinner then a grocery store to pick up supplies to make a yummy breakfast with the eggs Gina had brought from her chickens.
Beautiful farm fresh eggs

Then, we came back to the cabin, had some cocktails, planned the next couple of days then hit the hay around 1am. As usual, I woke up really early on Friday morning (as did Sue) and we headed out for a walk about 7am. When we got back we started breakfast and got the girls moving. Once everyone was showered we headed out to Indian Echo Caverns, my first experience being in an cavern/cave. Very, very cool and fun.

Indian Echo Caverns

After the caverns, we ate lunch and hit the Hershey attractions: "The Hershey Story" on Chocolate Avenue, and "Chocolate World," the ride that takes you through how chocolate is made.

The street lights are kisses.

Later in the afternoon, we back to the cottage to hang out before ordering pizza for dinner and going for a nice walk among the fireflies, which I don't ever see in Fairport.

On Saturday morning we got up and ready and hit the road to check out Lancaster, PA (Amish country) which was about 45 minutes away from Hershey. On the way we stopped at a gigantic flea market, which was quite tacky, but which had awesome baked goods and other delicious treats. We arrived in Lancaster just before lunch, and we were all super surprised by the small city. It was absolutely nothing like we imagined; instead of quaint Amish farms and roadside markets we were greeted with a bustling fair-sized small city, with beautiful historic buildings and quaint shops. After lunch we went in search of the "other" Lancaster, especially since I wanted to get a Dutch Hex for the house. Unfortunately, much to our dismay, we were not able to find the Amish communities. We were all astonished by our inability to find the Lancaster of our imaginations, so we headed back to Hershey and just chilled out until we went out for Gina's special birthday dinner (Gina's BIG MILESTONE birthday was the next day/Sunday). As usual, there was tons of laughter and great conversations.

This morning our fun weekend came to an end. We were all on the road by 8am, leaving another year behind, but filled with endless wonderful memories of another successful weekend with the girls. Planning for '14 starts right after the new year!!
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