Scattered to the Wind

After a week all at home, the Bakers are scattering again. Today Cam heads back to RIT to begin his final quarter for the year, and Mark hits the road for his job (although he'll be home on Thursday night, weather willing). This may be the last time for  a while that he'll be home on a Thursday night (vs. Friday night) as he's about to start a big project.

So, it will be just the two Baker girls and pup. A glimpse into the week to come will surely bring simple meals at dinner, walking Jasper in my sweatpants (which I can really only do maybe for another week until the time changes and it's light out in the evening again), and heading upstairs to watch TV (in front of the space heater) until bedtime, which will probably come around 9pm. It's so quiet with the boys gone!


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