Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter to our family and friends, near and far! Easter is early this year so we are not treated to a warm, sunny day - but at least it's not raining or snowing!!

Our day started with a big breakfast, followed by Easter service at church. Grandma Pat is coming for ham dinner around 3, and other than that we don't have much planned. Maybe a movie tonight, but tomorrow, I have a glorious day off (vacation day - the College is not closed...) during which we are going to take a trip to the mall to buy yet another fancy dress that will only be worn once - this time the senior ball (no date in sight...).

Cam won't be joining us for dinner as he is working today from 11am-9pm, so he won't have much of an Easter celebration. We took him to dinner on Friday night and he was super chatty, which is nice. We always have to enjoy that sort of thing while it lasts.

Blessings to all for a wonderful Easter and a renewed spirit!


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