A Touch of Irish

The table is set
Tonight we have our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that meal, which is kind of weird because, growing up Italian, I never ever ate such a thing. For us, St. Patrick's day held no special meaning or foods assigned; probably the closest I got was when I came of drinking age and celebrated in the "customary" way. I remember one very hazy St. Patty's Day when Sue and I went to a beerblast at a Potsdam fraternity and thenwent to McDonalds for McWater afterward. Very hazy, indeed.

I think, in spite of all the Italian in my DNA, there must be a trace of Irish somewhere on the Canadian side, but I can't confirm it. According to info I found online (the amazing Internet!!!), my grandfather's family came to Canada from France in the 1600's, and I can't find very much about my grandmother's family. I've asked a couple of my Canadian relatives if we are at all Irish, and they "think so" but don't really know for sure. I just can't figure out where my reddish hair and green eyes come from when everyone else in my family has brown hair and brown eyes. The mailman (Joe Rayome?!) perhaps?!

So tonight we'll be joined by Nic, Patrick, Maggie Harrison, Lukas and Ben for our yearly boiled feast. Nic is also going to try her hand at making mojitos (hey, parts of them are green!) so it all has the making of a yummy and fun dinner.



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