My God, I love daylight savings time.

After an awesome weather weekend it was great to come home from work and go for brisque walk with Annalisse and Jasper while it was still light out. I am alive again! I didn't even let the fact that it was dark out when I walked J this morning, followed by a dentist appointment first thing (I need my first crown [...wait for the queen joke...] which I am not happy about for a myriad of reasons), and a Monday to boot (which trumps all other unpleasantness) stand in the way of my joy.

I like to joke that when the time changes every November, I stay on daylight savings time. It's sorta true seeing I'm usually ready for bed by 7:30 or 8pm during "slow time (fall back)." I am a morning person through and through and am so happy to welcome the "longer days" back.

Next thing you know I'll probably see a robin. Now that, that, will probably throw me over the proverbial spring edge. Bring it! Only 11 more days!


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