The Last First Day of School

Today is YET ANOTHER milestone: Annalisse first day of her senior year. You've heard me lament enough on the blog about how fast time passes, but seriously? The Last First Day of School? Unbelievable. She wouldn't even let me walk her to the bus this morning! ; )

The year promises to hold a lot of fun for her between her Downstage shows, the Senior Trip to Boston in November, various dances (I sure wish she would reuse dresses), and graduation-type milestones like the 100 days 'til graduation celebration breakfast and "Decision Day" (when all the kids wear t-shirts from the college they have chosen). In the next several weeks, though, we need to concentrate on getting through the ACT and SAT tests, which are a little worrisome - I'm not sure how that is all going to turn out. Luckily, most of the schools she's applying to, with the exception of her top choice, Allegheny, are "SAT optional" so we'll have to see how that all plays out.

So much to look forward to, but so bittersweet!


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