Rainy Friday Night

It's pouring rain. It's Friday night. I'm exhausted from a week of travel to the North Country, sitting in the chair with my laptop and the TV all to myself - so: happiness! Annalisse is off to her first sleepover of the year with the returning and new Downstage kids, and Mark is in his "cave." Ahhhh, serenity!!!!

The trip to the North Country grad fairs is always like a trip down memory lane. (Do I live too much in the past? Nah! The present has it's great moments, too!) I headed up to Potsdam on Tuesday afternoon and checked into the Clarkson Inn for the night to rest up for Wednesday's and Thursday's full day of grad fairs. On Wednesday morning I rose bright and early to head to SUNY Plattsburgh, which was about two hours away.  Sadly, Burlington, VT was calling me from across the Champlain...will I ever get there again (in the near future?). Major bummer.

Anyway, after the Plattsburgh fair I headed back to Potsdam for the SUNY Potsdam fair. After the fair I stopped over to see my cousin Roseanne, who lives in town. We had a nice visit and it was great to see her and the kids since it had been a while. Unfortunately, our paths don't cross as often as they used to with us both living away from Massena. After visiting Ro I headed over to Maxfield's to meet my grad pals and actually stayed out until 11:30! I know!

On Saturday morning I headed to Clarkson University (saw no one) and then to St. Lawrence University (saw a couple of kids). Following the fairs I went to check into 24 East Main, the B&B where I was staying. What a great place! It's an old house which, during my sister's time at SUNY Canton, served as her sorority house. It's been totally renovated and updated. Really beautiful. I stayed in the "Tower Suite," which was basically the attic. It had a queen bed, a separate room with two twin beds, and a jacuzzi in the bathroom. OH YEAH. I took a nice hot bath and settled in for the night. No TV, just me in a comfy bed. Admittedly it was a little creepy because the ceilings weren't super high, but very nice nonetheless.

Before settling in for the night I took a ride over to SUNY Canton, where I spent my first two years of college. Great memories. In some ways it has not changed at all, and in others it's changed a lot. There have been "facelifts"and renovations at different locations, and some others are woefully in need of updating. I hadn't been on the campus in quite a long time so it was great to just take a walk around, especially after being cooped up for two days.

In all, I drove over 700 miles in four days. It always amazes me that there are still roads in New York State that I have not travelled, but there are. It makes the drive a little more interesting, anyway. In a nutshell, I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!!


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