College Search Update

As you may recall we had a  full summer of travel, with many campus visits behind us.  BUT, as of tonight's college night at Eastview Mall there are a couple more prospects to add to the list. So, next up: Mercyhurst University (formerly "College" - they because a University in January 2012) on October 13 and now, Castleton State College in Vermont in Mid-November.


All this college stuff hasn't been without its stress (mostly for her) in the last month. Between an extremely challenging AP Bio class and her first round of standardized tests (she took the ACT in early September [got a 21, which was not too bad], is taking the SAT on October 6, and is retaking the ACT on October 27 (her score of 21 was so close, but we think she can boost her score a point or two...) she's just about had it with college prep. EXCEPT, that she loves to look at colleges, so off we go to two more...

I'm just hoping she is able to stick with, and be success at, the AP Bio class. A grade of 80 would be great, but we're just hope she passes after a pretty rocky start. This class is a "whole different ball of wax" for her, but I want her to stick with it (as does she), understanding that it's the closest thing she's had to an actual college class. 

I give Annalisse a lot of credit; she is really focused on managing her time wisely and meets her  demands - in and out of school. She had all her college applications done before her senior year started (except for the last two possible additions) since she knew she'd be be super busy come September. I told her once she pushed the button to "submit" her apps, we are going to have a celebration. Then it's just the anxiety of waiting for decisions...


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