Reflections on Twenty-Five

The Young Bride
Looks like we made it (says Barry Manilow)! September 19, 1987 was a rainy Saturday, but the dark skies were brightened by the presence of our family gathered to send us off on our marriage journey (What schmaltz, eh?), complete with the '80s wedding fashions (peach balloon-hemmed bridesmaids dresses), a buffet dinner and the Chicken Dance.

The Handsome Groom
But marks our 25th Anniversary. I can't believe the time has passed so quickly. The years have been marked by many milestones: the birth of our two wonderful children, three houses, two cats, two dogs, many cars, job changes, and the loss of so many we loved. It's a bittersweet day. There have been ups and downs (marked by many high "ups" and many low "downs"), and even now we have rough days, but we have persevered and I think we can take real pride in that. We are certainly not the naive kids we were at 23 and 25 (the average age to marry at that time), and maybe even a little more cynical when it comes to love. Life, day in and day out, can do that to you.

Missing Dad Today
Remembering Charlie
Still, there is a lot to celebrate. We'll be marking our day in a low key way tonight when we go out for treats at the delicious, delectable, dessert destination Phillips European. We had hoped Cam could join us but he has to work and, as of last night, no one had offered to take his shift. Gone are the days when the family gathers to celebrate a couple's 25th, as it was when my parents and their contemporaries celebrated their Silver Anniversary. There was usually a party given by the kids, complete with a corsage for the bride, a fancy cake, and lots of silver-themed gifts. That's okay...a party like that is not really my style anyway. It's possible I may take Mark and Annalisse with me to Puerto Rico this January as a good excuse to celebrate our 25th!

Thanks to all for the warm wishes! We are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family who shared our day with us and have supported us throughout the years!!


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