Helicopter Grade Checker

This is finals week for Cam. He's had one final already (Calculus - he thinks he did well), today he has Computer Science and on Friday he has Biology. I can already feel my stress levels rising as I compulsively check the RIT grade portal waiting for grades to trickle in. I'm really hoping he ends up with a 3.0 (B average) or better as he needs to maintain a certain average for his paltry (but necessary) scholarship and will also need a 3.0 or much better to reach his (current) goal of graduate school.

All in all, he's had a great first year. There were the roommate hiccups, but he seemed to adjust to college life quickly and really bonded with the crew team, a true bright spot of the year. when he comes home on Friday the plan is that he will work with a faculty member on some research that will take about three weeks (he can do it from home) and then he leaves for his camp job (this year he is the Archery Specialist - I think he'd better get some training...), which will take him through mid-August.

Doesn't time fly so quickly?!


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