Busy, Busy, Busy!

Talk about a busy time in our lives. It seems like every weekend is taken up, and lately I've been out just every weeknight with a meeting or am otherwise engaged. Oh well. Someday I'll be old and creaky and will be longing for the days when I was so busy, I suppose.

Li'l Miss Johnson
Most of last weekend was filled with Annalisse's play, Harvey, in which she played the part of the maid, Miss Johnson, and had exactly one line - something like "I'm sure I don't know Miss Harrison" AND EXIT STAGE LEFT. It was sort of a family joke after her starring role last year. Still, she had fun and the production was really cute. The kids did a great job!!

The other part of the weekend was taken with travelling on Sunday to Whitney Point, NY, about 2 1/2 hours from Fairport, for Cam's race. He called on Saturday morning to let us know he had qualified for the finals so we knew we'd head there on Sunday to catch his race. He was very confident they would win gold, but alas, they won a bronze metal for third place. I know he was disappointed but HEY! I think they did great being third in the state for the Novice Men's Four category. He continues to really enjoy crew. It's been so great for his first year at RIT which, by the way, ends in less than three weeks. Unbelievable!

Oh, and another thing: it looks like Annalisse will be participating in the Ireland exchange next year. We will host an Irish student for a week in October and she and her FHS pals will go to Ireland for a week over February break. Why do these kids get to have all the fun?! I told her she needs to stop complaining about her job and get saving her $$!

We are heading into another incredibly busy week that will be capped off by a really fun weekend in Raleigh, NC visiting nephew Anthony and seeing WICKED with Mary, Nic and Annalisse. How lucky am I?!


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