German Invasion!

Late Saturday night the German exchange students arrived by bus from NYC/JFK airport around midnight. Poor kids! They were exhausted after almost 24 hours of travel. They were expected around 10pm but apparently got delayed going through customs. Needless to day, they weren't the only tired ones!

Caroline is with us until June 6. Two years ago we were happy to host Caroline's sister, Belinda, when she came as part of the exchange Cam participated in. I keep almost calling Caroline "Belinda" as they are very much alike in speech, appearance and mannerisms! I'm thinking the Fischer's won't find Annalisse "very much alike" Cam when she visits their family at the end of June. Could two kids be more different?!

So plans are underway for all kids of activities. There is talk of a trip to Seabreeze or Darien Lake, and I think we are hosting a bonfire at our house on Sunday night. Of course, everyone wants to go to the mall. The kids simply go CRAZY over the mall with the selection and low American clothing prices. Such fun for them! It's also such a great opportunity for all of us to learn about the German culture. One thing is for sure: they don't eat out as much as we like to. I'm actually trying cook at home a little more so she can experience "authentic" American meals (like spaghetti and meatballs or chicken gyros!). Since Belinda and Caroline's mom is American (from Virginia), they have had more experience with American culture than most of the other kids, although some have traveled to the states once or twice.

When Caroline's time with us is over, we are on a whirlwind of packing for Annalisse's trip (she leaves June 22) and finishing up the school year with finals, Cam's road test (finally on June 21), getting Cam off to his camp job, and vacation/summer travel!


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