B@ker bloggites: so sorry I've been lax in posting. It's been a really busy couple of weeks so I have a lot of catching up to do. Here's the Cliffnotes version of what's new:

  • College Pick-Up: We picked Cam up from his first year at RIT last Friday afternoon. He didn't do as well as he expected this term (two Bs, two Cs) so that was pretty upsetting for all of us. He always says he's going to to better next term...we'll see. Overall his GPA stands at a 2.77. He'll need to get that up if he eventually wants to go to grad school. All in all a tough year for him, although he loves RIT I'm not sure he was prepared for the rigor. Not a great note to end on, but we march onto next year. He starts his camp job the last week in June and apparently a lot of siting around is planned until then. The plan is to work with one of the RIT faculty members on some research when the professor returns from a conference next week. In the meantime, he could be found hanging out with his buddies a lot during the long....
  • Memorial Day Weekend: Beautiful weather, lots of yardwork, tons of running around bringing the kids from one place to another. A bonfire, a cookout, but, alas, no naps. It seemed like we were constantly on the go with the...
  • The German Students: We have just under a week left with our German student, Caroline. We hope she's having fun, but we're not sure...a tough nut to crack. We had a bonfire with all the German and Fairport students on Sunday night and introduced them to chicken wing dip. It looked like the kids had fun and it was a perfect night, weather-wise.
  • Archery Training: Cam's job title at camp this year is Archery Specialist so he heads to a 4-H camp outside of Buffalo for archery training this weekend. Yes, for the whole weekend. Which means he'll miss this year's...
  • Canal Days: The forecast is sunny for Fairport's big weekend. My sister Carol and her boyfriend Paul will be visiting and staying with Nic for the weekend, so we're looking forward to having them visit and gathering for a big cookout on Saturday night. In between trips to the Village, we'll be doing a lot of...
  • Yardwork: Mark had six yards of mulch delivered on Monday so he's been chipping away at spreading that all week and chipping away at the pile will probably be his main activity over the next couple of weeks. It does look (and smell) good, though!!
Have a wonderful first-weekend-in-June. Maybe we'll see you around Mayberry, er, I mean Fairport!


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