Drops of Jupiter

Last week we got tickets to see one of my fave bands, Train with MAT KEARNEY this summer (in August) at CMAC, a nearby venue. What a great concert it's going to be!! While the summer plans are shaping up nicely (blog post planned for today or tomorrow on that), this morning I'm really really in a Train mood. I've spent a lot of the last hour watching videos of some of my favorite Train songs, and, in particular, "Drops of Jupiter," a song that was popular in the summer of 2001. 

It's a poignant song for me that brings back memories of the summer my Dad was diagnosed with blood cancer. Everytime I hear it I think of that time, the worry, and looking back, the happiness of having my Dad with us. If you 've never had a chance to hear "Drops of Jupiter," take a listen here. It's a great song!!


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