Catching My Breath, Y'all!

Four Wicked Girls
Whew! I haven't posted since last Monday, which is probably the longest I've ever gone without blogging. This spring has simply been out of control. Last week I had a meeting every night except Thursday, but that night I certainly kept busy packing and prepping for our big adventure to Raleigh-Durham early Friday morning. I'm trying to figure out how I might get out of some of these evening commitments so life can become a little more manageable. Of course, being on the go so much doesn't help. Enough of the whining! Now more about the fun...

This year has already been so much fun with all the travel I've had the chance to do. For the third time in five months I've visited a city I've never been to before (first, there was Puerto Rico in January, then Austin in April) as my sister Mary, niece Nicole, and Annalisse flew to Raleigh-Durham to visit my nephew Anthony and see the show Wicked (!). As always, there was a lot of laughter (good medicine!).

After arriving on Friday afternoon, we freshened up before Anthony (called "Tony" to his friends) picked us up and squired us around the sights of Raleigh. We had a great dinner at one of his client's restaurants, Taylor's Tap Room, then wandered around the state capitol grounds before heading back to the hotel (we were exhausted, having gotten up at 5am to get to the airport for our 7:30 flight).

On Saturday morning we drove around Durham, where Anthony actually lives, and took a tour of the Mordecai House, one of the oldest houses in the area, built in 1785. (And it's haunted! Ghost Hunters was there several years ago.) After our tour, Anthony showed us where he works, then we had lunch at a great restaurant called Tobacco Road Sports Cafe which had a deck that overlooked the beautiful Durham Bulls stadium. The food was great and made all the more exciting by the fact that balls kept flying over the rail into the diners. A little stressful!

THEN, it was time to head over to the Durham Performing Arts Center for Wicked. What an amazing show it was. Unbelievably wonderful!! After the show we headed over to Anthony's cute little brick ranch and ordered pizza in. Like a bunch of wimps we headed back to the hotel around 9pm and hit the sack, exhausted.

On Sunday we decided to go the IMAX theatre to see "Dark Shadows," which looked so interesting and cool in the preview. This is one of those times when if you've seen the preview you've basically seen the movie. It was, though, interesting to watch even without a solid storyline. With some time to kill before dinner and the time we needed to head to the airport, we went to the mall.

I KNOW, I KNOW, the mall??! But Annalisse and Mary were dying to shop. After about an hour of that nonsense I was maxing out, but stuck with it until Anthony picked us up and we went for a great Italian dinner (with the "blue hairs," I might add - it was 4pm) before heading to the airport. Our flight left at 8pm and we got into Rochester around 12:30am.

Tired as we all were the next day, it was worth it to see Anthony, visit Raleigh-Durham, and see Wicked. I'm relieved to say I'm staying put now until my girls weekend in Alexandria, Virginia in mid-June. In the meantime, we are really looking forward to the arrival of our German exchange student, Caroline, who gets in around 10 on Saturday night and will be staying with us until June 6.

We certainly keep busy, don't we?

The Mordecai House
Durham Bulls Stadium
Kissin' Cousins


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