Another 600 Mile Weekend

Don't the Bakers ever stay home? Apparently not.

We hit the road once again heading east to Saratoga Springs for Cam's first race with RIT. The weather forecast was for snow, a byproduct of the huge October nor'easter hitting New England, but LUCKILY, all we got was a really, really cold day. I say luckily, but after three hours in 38 degree temps I could hardly move my body to walk.

Anyway, Mark and I left around 8:30am for our trek across the state. Annalisse stayed home as she is "so over" regattas and had bigger fish to fry - the main plan of which included hanging with her cousin Nic and going to see the supposedly extremely scary Paranormal Activity 3. We got to the regatta around 1pm and checked in with Cam, then walked around a bit and wasted time until his 3pm "launch," which, as it turned out, probably occurred around 3:45 because he didn't reach the finish marker until 4pm. My plan was to be on the road for a quick visit to Massena for by 4pm since it is a 3:45 minute drive from Saratoga. So, after he finished and was heading back to the dock we headed to the car - FROZEN - and drove through the dark, deserted, cell phone dead zone Adirondack Park in the dark. That was fun. Not. 

Can you tell my cranky mood from earlier in the week persists?

We reached Massena around 8, I took a quick shower, then headed out to meet some friends for dinner. By the time we crashed, we were exhausted. That was a lot of driving. 

After a quick trip to see my mother and sister (and kitten, Riley - so cute!) in the morning we zipped out to my other sisters, dropped off some stuff, and headed back to the Roc. AND HERE COMES THE BEST PART!

I got a speeding ticket after I left my sisters! Mark was closing his eyes so it was my turn to drive. Obviously a bad mistake. The trooper, who was a really nice guy, reduced my ticket to a lesser charge so it won't make an impact on my driving record, but still...

For those of you keeping track, this is my second speeding ticket (luckily both were reduced) since August 2010. I'm serious when I say I'm usually pretty good about using my cruise control and obeying the speed limits. That's why it's so frustrating that when I do zone out once in a while, and am not paying attention which obviously leads to my foot getting heavier. 

Perhaps this week will be better? At least we have Halloween to look forward to.


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