Dreaming of the Days of Puppy Dog Tails, Cotton Candy and Rainbows

This has been another not-great-news week, just like last week's (and month's) non-great-news week as Annalisse's good friend's (Taylor's) mom passed away suddenly last Wednesday. We are all very upset for Taylor and her sister and two brothers. To lose a parent anytime is devastating, but to lose your mom suddenly in your teen years will be a very difficult thing for them to overcome, if they ever do. Very, very sad.

I thought as the calendar turned to August 1 I would have a respite from the doom and gloom, and get some good news, but my August 1 included a speeding ticket on my way home from a whirlwind trip to Massena. I earned this special token I thought I was in a 55 mph zone but apparently I had just recently entered a 55 mph zone (I definitely saw the 55 mph sign, checked my speed, and settled in at 57) after exiting a 45mph zone and was 12 miles over the speed limit. Freakin' Route 12 between Ogdensburg and Morristown!! To be fair, the sheriff was a really nice woman and told me to go online, download a form, and request a reduction in the charge to a moving vehicle violation (which she said would almost certainly get approved), which would carry with it no points and no insurance consequences.

Today's little interlude just added to my gloomy and cranky state, the mood of which, of course, my family was unfortunately subjected to for the rest of the day. Oh well, as they say, tomorrow's another day.

ON A BRIGHT NOTE: Happy 25th Birthday to my awesome nephew, Anthony! We love you very much!


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