Birthday Trifecta

We all survived our wonderful, fun, birthday extravaganzalicious weekend!  The weather could not have been more perfect, and we had fun with all our relatives visiting. In addition to Mark's side of the family and friends, both my sisters and mother were there. Mary and Larry surprised us on Saturday afternoon, and it was so great! I think everyone's spirits were buoyed by the incredibly beautiful weather that graced us both Saturday and Sunday. I even managed to sneak a brief late-season nap on the porch!!

So, two birthdays down, and one to go. Of course, Mark might as well be 50 already rather than waiting until the 17th considering all the hoopla on Saturday. It was a very special time with very special people! Some pix from the party:

The Chow!

Judy and Mom

Greco Gurlz

Nana and the kids

Our Baker/Shiao Family

The Birthday Boy

All the Birthday Libras!

Sweet 16 Cake

Teenage Mutant Ninja Teenager


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