Welcome to Rocktober!

Well, people, it's here. OCTOBER! After another busy week that included a quick overnight trip to Philadelphia to host a reception on behalf of NAGAP (and a great dinner with my old friend Derb), it's been a lazy, cold, dark and rainy Saturday. After a bit of catch-up and a short panel presentation at the University of Rochester (where I was able to peer through a window across from the program to slyly watch Cam at the table of his debate team), I rewarded myself with a much needed (and well-earned) nap!

The libra birthday odyssey gets underway this week with the celebration of Nic's birthday on Tuesday night with dinner at P.F. Chang's (her choice), followed by Annalisse's birthday on Wednesday, which will be pretty low key because she has to work, followed by the birthday celebration weekend when both our mothers, My sister Carol, Mom Shaio and Dave come to help us celebrate Mark and Annalisse's milestone birthdays.

(Oh, yeah, and a happy birthday to my friend Meg, one of the most rabid [in a good way] libras I know.)

We will be having a 50th/Sweet 16 combo party next Saturday (October 8th, which is coincidentally WHOSE actual birthday??) starting with pizza for just our immediate family, and having more friends and family come over for dessert. Yesterday I went to the party store to try to find decorations that would work for both. I think I was successful and am looking forward to decking out the house with "50" and "Sweet 16" stuff.

Such a great time of year as long as I don't think about what comes after October...


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