Wednesday Randomness

Whew! After my last loooonnnnngggg blog entry I must be spent...nothing of real interest or substance to write about this week. All of a sudden it's Wednesday (I'm not complaining) and work has been, well, let's just say, interesting this week. It's my policy not to write about specifics at work on the blog, so that's all I'll say. I already warned my family that I would most likely be pretty crabby this week, and it's actually not as bad (so far) as I expected. One thing I will say for work this week - there's been food around every day; between chocolate cake, bagel breakfasts and birthday parties it is NOT GOOD.

There are only two more days until the weekend, and Valentine's Day is on Monday. I'm one of those people who actually really likes VDay, probably since I don't take it too seriously and always use it as an excuse to eat out (sometimes both meals: I have Mark pick me up for lunch and then we all go out for dinner). It's one of those holidays that people seem to either hate or love (as they should - it is the holiday of love after all), but I'm decidedly middle-of-the-road about it.

Oh, and another thing: The kids got their report cards today. Neither flunked out of high school, so we're safe for another ten weeks. I think I may also have senioritis since I just want Cameron to do what it takes to get through this year when he has admittedly "checked out" of his studies.

The next two days are busy...I don't like being so busy. But then there's the promise of a possible nap on the weekend. One foot in front of the other.

P.S. I googled the word "random" and this picture of Chuck Norris came up. That's pretty random.


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