The OTHER Fabulous Baker Blog

I guess everyone/thing has a doppelganger, even blogs.

On occasion, when I'm away from my computer and want to show someone our blog, I google it using words like "Fabulous Baker Blog" or "Baker Blog." DID YOU KNOW that there is another Fabulous Baker Blog? And here I thought I was being really original four years ago when I came up with the name, which was not so original because it's a play on the name of the 1989 movie, The Fabulous Baker Boys. If you haven't already noticed, the distinguishing characteristic of our Baker blog is the use of the "@" sign in the word B@ker. Whoa, so original. ; )

Just in case you haven't yet happened upon the other Fabulous Baker Blog, here's it is:

The Fabulous Baker Blog- Following the adventures of the Baker family of Kalamazoo, Michigan, these folks 2X (+1) the kids of the Fairport Bakers, and features a cute "kids" quotes sidebar.

I wonder if they've ever happened upon us?


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