Ode to the Groundhog and the Over-hyped Storm of the Century

Today is my FAVORITE holiday! Three cheers for the groundhog! The promise of spring and new life. Now get the heck out of that hole...

...but he can't, because of the much-anticipated-over-hyped-so-called (SNOW)STORM OF THE CENTURY. Which didn't amount to a hill of frozen beans except for the usual couple inches of snow and a little sleet. It was enough close Fairport schools, though, which many of us from Fairport agree was more of a preemptive strike since it didn't really snow all day and there was no blowing to speak of. The kids sure were happy. Me, I trudged off to work, dreams of spending day in my PJs dashed for the time being.

Still, apparently it is a day that shall live in infamy as it was so fondly named "The Groundhog Day Storm of 2011."


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