Flyin' Solo

Today marked another Baker milestone as Annalisse took her first solo plane flight to Baltimore to spend a couple of days with Mom Shiao and the Arlington Gang (Dave, Mandy, Jackson and Amelie).

I booked a direct flight for her and arranged for a "gate pass" for me and Mom (on Wednesday) so we could accompany her to the gate and make sure she took off okay. She was so excited, and I am excited for her. In many ways (that count), both the kids are independent and confident, something of which I'm exceedingly proud. Of course, the ways they aren't as independent is when it comes down mostly to chores. Fly half way around the world? No problem! Bring your laundry basked to the basement or unload the dishwasher? Seemingly impossible.

She has already texted me to tell me there is NO SNOW in Virginia, and it looks like she'll have mostly good weather, with Monday even getting as high as 70 degrees (although it looks like it might be rainy). I suppose 70 and rainy is better than 20 and seven inches of snow, as they're predicting for Rochester.

Have fun, ARB!


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