Our Hot New Ride Redux

Wasn't just about a year ago that I posted this entry about "Our Hot New Ride?" Well, as they say, it's deja vue all over again.

For a while now, at least six months anyway, I've been thinking seriously about trading in my 2006 Honda Civic. While I did love that little car, it was just that: little. And a standard shift, which, it seems was only enjoyed by me as Mark found driving it a pain in the *ss.

Also, since Cam got his permit he could really only drive the CRV because, while I wanted him to learn to drive a standard, I didn't want him to learn to drive one while he was still mastering the basics of driving in general. So, since Mark mostly drove the CRV, when Cam and I wanted to go out and practice, we never had a car available. (For some reason, Mark does not want let Cam drive and I'm the one who always has to take him out. I have my own theories about that.) I did, though, have a dream about giving the Civic to Cam in a couple of years and getting a new car then. Oh well.

So, off we went to Honda and bought a 2010 Honda Accord. When I think about it, this was an impulse buy that I've been thinking about for quite a while -which cancels out the definition of an "impulse buy." Since we "bought" the car on Valentine's Day I'm telling Mark that's his V-Day present. Some people get dinner out. Some get chocolates. OTHERS GET A NEW CAR.

But, the car is AWESOME. It's a beaut, as they say. Smells good. Looks great, shiny black on outside and black leather on the inside. Because it's last year's model and we got it at a pretty good price it also has an amazing navigation system and bluetooth technology where it connects our iPhones to the car's computer to talk hands-free through the speaker (you even answer the phone using a button on the steering wheel - VERY COOL). For a techno-geek like me, well, you can imagine my excitement.

So a win-win for everyone. Now, onto five years of payments...


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