Introducing Jasper!

Well, we made it home with our boy around 8:40pm last night (the picture at left is of us, Jasper and his sweet mom, Ruby). And we were all ready and rarin' to go! We came home to an impromptu neighborhood last-day-of-(elementary)school ice cream sundae party so everyone was out and about and very excited to meet their new neighbor.
He had a great ride home - just whimpered a couple of times, but otherwise slept and just looked around. The night was also uneventful and just as we expected (except he didn't cry or bark): he was up every two hours and "did his thing" outside (GOOD BOY!). Then, while Mark was with him this morning he also "did his thing" (plus something extra special) in the kitchen. Mark always seems to get stuck with that stuff! Of course, I had to promptly be called down from bed to help with the clean up.

He's had his breakfast and is now receiving the benefits of a extended belly rub session from his new sister. We're very happy about our new addition!! Thanks to Janis and Dave for letting us adopt their beloved "Lime Boy"!


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