Farewell, Old Cat

Today we will be putting our beloved 18-year old cat, Bailey, to sleep. Being so old and in relatively good health until the last couple of weeks when she started having seizures, we really feel that having her until such an advanced age has been a gift. Always aloof, she was nonetheless a loving companion, and her loss will be felt most by Mark, whom she loved best and was entirely devoted.

There was a time, when we had our two cats, that I said we could never live without a cat (there was nothing more comforting than the "cat sandwich" at night, with Bailey asleep on one side of my legs, and Pru asleep on the other). But, with our sweet and loving puppy, I think we'll see how it goes for a while, and for the first time in 18-years, we won't be "cat people."

We'll miss you, old girl.


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