4th Avenue Street Sale Extravaganza!

Today was the Second Annual 4th Avenue Street Sale. Bargain seekers started driving slowly by about 8am, but the neighbors did not really get their goods out until around 9am (the official starting time). By then, the place was swarming with people. We got rid of a lot of stuff, and the kids, in particular, sold about $50 worth of toys and books each. We were joined by our friends, the Vetters, who had a ton of new and used kids clothes and toys, and our friend, Kay, who brought along a lot of her husband, Scott's, fishing rods and tackle (he's a manufacturer's rep for fishing equipment). Their stuff was a fisherman's dream. Tell all your friends we'll be open again on Saturday until around 2pm!

As usual our earnings are burning a hole in our pocket - we'll blow the whole wad on a fish fry tonight!


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