The Week of Eating Out

It occurred to me today that we're a little over a month away from THE WEEK OF EATING OUT - a glorious quasi-vacation week when the kids are at 4-H Camp Bristol. That week, we go to work merely as a means of killing time until we can out to eat that night. For five nights we visit restaurants "on the list" that we've compiled since last year's week of eating - new places we really want to try, and old favorites that the kids hate. On this year's list so far:
  • Le Lemon Grass - an old "Week of Eating Out" favorite. A Vietnamese restaurant on Monroe Avenue where the flavor literally explodes in your mouth. We always get the stir fried tofu and, of course, for dessert, bananas with chocolate and coconut wrapped in won-ton and deep fried (and topped with chocolate and whipped cream). Awesome!
  • Ariana Kabobhouse - A new Afghan restaurant for us to try.
  • Delmonico's Steak House - Also new to us. I think it's related to the Delmonico's in Utica, which is very good. We'll go with our friends Scott and Kay.
  • The India House - An Indian favorite of ours. I can never get enough of that stuff.

We're still compiling the list, but this is what we've got so far. Any suggestions?


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