Stay-Put Weekend

I have a revolutionary idea for great community building activity and a way to slow down during our way-too-busy lives: the Stay-Put Weekend. The stay-put weekend would start Friday after work (which for me is noon), and last until Monday when we leave for work. We would plan the weekend in such a way that we did not need to drive anywhere for those days.

This idea is a little bit scary since the weekend is the time when we do our shopping/catch-up/errands that we can't do during the week. Not to mention that on weekends we often visit friends and relatives. It would be a little easier for those who live in a small town or village setting and have access to great services and restaurants within a two-mile walking distance (in Fairport, most are within blocks), but even for us a stay-put weekend would take a little planning.

But still, if you want to stay-put in Fairport, it's easy!

  • Need fruits, vegtables or baked goods? Visit the Fairport Farmer's Market on Saturday morning
  • Need a food staple (bread, milk, eggs)? Just pick it up at Skip's Meat Market or one of the nearby convenience stores
  • Want to eat out? Try one of the many great Village Restaurants such as McArdles (Irish/American pub), The Landing (awesome Friday fish fry), Donnelly's (another great pub-restaurant), The Canalside Grill (just opened, right on the canal, great hamburgers and hot dogs), Whatcha Got Cookin' (unusual offerings and you can eat outside on a deck overlooking the canal), or Joey B's (a little more upscale, and very good). Very soon we'll also have a new Irish Pub and a Mexican Restaurant in the Village.
  • Need FUN? What could be more fun than a trip down the Erie Canal on the Colonial Belle, or hanging at Fairport Village Coffee and Wine Bar listening to live music every weekend?
  • Last, but certainly not least, need ice cream? There is nothing like Lickety Splits on the Canal, but we are mostly hooked on the The Royal Cafe's homemade gelato (we go just about every night...).
The only thing I haven't accounted for is driving to see friends and relatives. During the stay-put weekend it looks like they'll have to visit us! The worst thing that could happen is a backyard bar-b-que. For Annalisse and Cameron it would not be a problem because a lot of their friends live within walking/biking distance. Especially Annalisse, who, with her two best friends Kim and Amber, seem to bounce between our three houses ALL weekend, EVERY weekend, which is a great thing.

The stay-put weekend would probably not work for families with a lot of athletic commitments since they really seem to be on the go all over Rochester, New York State, and beyond, just about every weekend. But because we are weekend nap-takers from way back, we never got too involved in that!

The biggest benefit of the stay-put weekend: the cost savings in gas. Just imagine how much money we would save (at $3.10+ a gallon) if everyone just stayed-put for a weekend....that being said...I need to head to Wegmans for my BIG weekly shopping. Oh well, maybe next weekend can be our stay-put weekend.


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