8th Grade Finale

Last night I volunteered at Cameron's 8th Grade Finale. How things change! How they stay the same. It was a great party with a DJ, snacks (SNOW CONES), a teacher-dunking booth, and a velcro wall (definitely not around when I was in 8th grade). My job was to hang out in the "cafetorium," where the DJ was, making sure the kids didn't "get too close." Luckily none of them did, since, at 5ft tall, most of them tower over me and I'd be the one who had to tell them to knock it off. They'd probably step on me...

Being in the dance area was interesting. I'm wasn't sure at the beginning of the evening how I would be able to last 2 1/2 hours listening to the techno stuff and rap-crap (as we call it at our house), but watching the kids interact with each other made the time go by quickly. The subtle joining and re-joining of groups...the boys watching the girls...the girls watching the boys. Maybe not so much has changed when I was in 8th grade after all.

Cameron reminded me there is only 10 days left until the end of school. One day soon he'll remind me that there are only 10 days left until he goes to college. I'm sure I echo many parents sentiments when I say, WHERE DID THE TIME GO?


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