Wallstock '14

Tomorrow we are heading up to Mary's for our first (and what we hope will become an annual) "Wallstock" BBQ and camp out. With Mary's new home (which is a great party house) and their cabin in the woods there is plenty of room to spread out and camp. I, however, will not be camping since that's not my thing. Mark and I will stay in the house and leave the "layin' on the cold, hard ground in a tent" to the youngins. I've even created a t-shirt for the event that reflects what has become our family motto:

Let me explain.

My parents came from blue collar, working class families and neither graduated from high school, which was not totally unusual for those days. There was much you could do in trades and industry/manufacturing, and folks could get by with the lower cost of living back then. So, while my father loved us dearly and wanted us to be the best we could be, educational expectations were never super high. Occasionally, when someone would get a bad grade on a test or not succeed in some way, he would say:

"Well, we ain't the smartest people."

He did not mean it to be condescending, it was just one of those things he said based on his experience and coming from a time when not many people in his immediate family or circle of friends was educated beyond high school. Imagine how proud he must have been that his three girls graduated from college, one with a masters degree, even. And all of his grandchildren have gotten/are getting college degrees, and Drew just finished his masters degree as well. He would be super proud to know we're pretty smart after all! So, whenever someone does something "not so smart" (actions, grades) we say, "Well, we ain't the smartest people," then break up laughing.

We know Dad will be with us (as will Auntie and Uncle Joe) this weekend as his family comes together to spend some fun time together. Nothing, absolutely nothing, would make him happier than a great party!


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