Holy Food!

Fork to mouth, fork to mouth. Homemade berry pie with what has to be some of the best crust I've ever eaten.

Paprika chicken with cous cous.

Gluten free meatloaf with gluten free pasta salad.


Tortellini soup.

Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings.

Pasta with eggplant marinara.

Grilled chicken with BLT salad.

These are just some of the amazing things friends and neighbors have brought for us during my recovery. My neighbor, Stephanie, arranged a meal sign up for Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, and it's been amazing. I'm a little afraid to step on the scale (so I won't), and also feel a little guilty having folks brining dinners when I'm feeling so well (I suppose I'll have to get over that).

In addition to the outpouring of food, there have been random treats in the form of baked goods (the aforementioned pie, for one), flowers, Edible Arrangements (four of them!), and other kind gifts.

Just another reminder about how blessed I am, as if I could forget!


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