Post-Op, Day Five

Welcome to Day Five, and I'm feeling fine!

This experience so far has been so different than I expected, and in a good way. I guess it's true what they say: expect the worst, hope for the best. Most of what I have experienced so far in my recovery could best be described as a "nuisance," and not really painful. The worst has been having the drains hanging from my body (from the incision sites?), and some muscle tightness across my chest. I have taken pain medication to relieve some of this soreness and discomfort, but today only took it at 8am this morning. (Please be assured: I'm no hero. I will take them if I feel like I need them.) 

While I probably should not have, I ventured out with my sisters, Nicole, and Annalisse for three hours on Saturday morning for Nicole's appointment at the bridal store to look for her wedding dress...AND she found it with the first four she tried on! Hurray!!! It was a nice sisters-niece-aunts-cousins bonding experience. Afterward I knew I needed to lay low and relax, and I did. I also stayed home and sat on the porch most of today even though it was Fairport Canal Days. While I was sorry to miss it this, there's always next year.

This week the visiting nurse will come on Monday morning (I do have some questions for him/her), followed by an appointment with the plastic surgeon on Wednesday. My goal is to be able to remove the surgical drains by Wednesday, so I'm taking care to try to not do too much.

All in all, a lot to be thankful for. Mom Shiao is spending the week to help out, and we are not only grateful for her help, we are just plain happy to spend time with her!!


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