Fill 'em up!

First things first: the drains are gone. Glory Hallelujah! Regular clothes again!

I went for my second "fill" this week, and it was exponentially better than last week's fill. I think it's because I took a muscle relaxant this time and he didn't fill them as full as the first visit. When the filling is complete is up to me, when I can look in the mirror and say, "Okay, that's good enough." Of course, contrary to popular advice, I will not be going for the beach ball look, but COULD if I wanted to. Power! 

The doctor said that after I'm done filling, the "exchange" (procedure to remove the expanders and add the actual implants) could take place three weeks later. HURRAY! Maybe if I'm done filling by the end of July or August I will be done with this by September ~ just in time for girl's weekend. Fingers crossed!!

The other great news is that my pathology report came back clear: there were some abnormal cells that might have turned cancerous in the right breast so it was a good decision to be proactive. The left breast tumor was approx. 5mm in size and he got everything he needed from that area. The lymph nodes were clear. He suggested I meet with an oncologist (already scheduled for next Friday) who may suggest some chemo or just observation (I'm pushing "observation"!!). Since things are moving along, I've decided to return to work a little earlier than planned (June 30) to save my time for the "exchange" procedure and my future ovary surgery, which I am going to ask my doctor to hold off on until next year at this time if there is no urgency.

Great news all around, don't you think?


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