A line in the sand

Well, I made it through! I got home from the hospital around noon today, and ate a little lunch before taking a snooze on the couch.

Yesterday went very well. Of course, after "being put to sleep" I didn't feel a thing upon my wake up in my room, Mark sitting nearby. I felt very, very comfortable last night, with no pain. It was probably all the medication, but I was so pleasantly surprised my condition. The greatest news: there was no cancer in the lymph nodes. While the results are preliminary and the final pathology will arrive in 10 days or so, I'll certainly take that nugget of good news.

After a very bad night of sleep (not because of discomfort, but rather between nurse checks, doctor checks, and a machine that kept randomly beeping loudly (not to mention my roommate also having her doctor/nurse check at different times), I got very little shut eye. Oh well, that's what being home is for.

I view this stage in my life as drawing a line in the sand with how I take care of myself from this day forward. A neighbor turned me onto the idea that cancer can be exacerbated by what we eat (certain foods "feed" cancer), I am now committed to staying away from sugar, milk, red meat (steak is out, but an occasional hamburger will be fine), and other cancer-feeding foods.

Additionally, I am committed to eating more fruits and vegetables, and will be getting some info on healthy blended drinks. Cousin Kara from Portland sent me a $50 Amazon gift card (such a sweet gesture) so I bought the book "Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life,"that talks about food, exercise, and stress management as a way reduce chances of cancer recurrence. So, I'll be reading that during my "break."

So, all in all, I'm sore but doing well. Thanks, all for your prayers, well-wishes, stories of "someone you know who went through the same thing and is fine," and general "good vibes." I believe they have had a positive affect on my health, and certainly on my sense of well being. I'm feeling the love!!


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