Decking the Halls, Super Early

As I count down the days to a delicious turkey dinner, I cannot believe I am decorating for Christmas today. Well, actually, I'm doing the first stage of decorating, which is the inside house stuff. Next weekend or shortly after, Mark will decorate the outside/porch. Then, in a couple of weeks we will get the tree and the transformation will be complete. I'm doing it so early this year because next Sunday, the day I usually decorate (the Sunday after Thanksgiving), we'll be driving Annalisse back to Mercyhurst. And, knowing me, I know I am too tired after work to decorate (especially being so dark and cold when I get home).

You know, I spend a lot of time during the year not wanting Christmas to come. In May, June, July, I marvel about how fast the year is going and how it will soon the the holiday season again, and that, too me, is not a welcome thought. It's not really Christmas, but rather the decorating and shopping that I'm not too crazy about. It's a huge financial drain and most of the time things feel commercialized and rote, rather than thoughtful and heartfelt. I think it also bothers me because another year has flown by in the blink of an eye.

For some reason I'm not dreading Christmas this year. That probably has a lot to do with looking forward to having both kids home for a couple of weeks. Also, this year we're celebrating with my sisters and their families at Mary's new house during the weekend between Christmas and New Years. There is even talk of Anthony coming home from NC for the get together, which would be awesome.

So, tonight, I will once again be able to enjoy the glow of holiday lights coming from the mantle, and in a couple of weeks we'll enjoy the lights from the tree. How fast time does go.


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