Harvest Dinner

On Saturday we took a trip up to my sister Mary's for a "Harvest Dinner" celebration in her new house.

For the past three years Mary's awesome husband, Larry, has lovingly (and painstakingly) renovated his parent's 30+ year old huge split level. The house had great "bones," but needed much updating, and Larry outdid himself honing his Jack-of-all-Trades (master of many) skills to do literally everything in the house (plumbing, ad/heating, roof, floors, counters, drywall, painting, windows, etc. etc. etc!!). Larry also built all the cabinetry, and even some of the furniture, including an amazing bar with three different types of curved wood, an Adirondack-style wooden bed, and a dining room table with 300 year old wood found in one of the family barns. My sister's role has been to scour the Earth for decorations, including the hicory/leather-seated dining chairs, bar stools and counter chairs. The house is absolutely stunning, yet warm and inviting. HGTV shows are made for these people.

Now, having been satisfied with how the house turned out, Larry will turn his attention to the yard, then back to their "old" house where my nephew is the new renter, for some much needed updates. 

But I digress...back to the Harvest Dinner.

The Greco family members headed to Mary's from Massena and Rochester, and all converged around 2pm on Saturday. We started with delicious appetizers at Larry's homemade bar in the "man cave," which featured overstuffed leather couches and a 70" HD TV. It was great to get together with cousin Lisa and her family as we don't see them very often. After a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixins, we cleaned up and hung around for the evening. There were old pictures to sort through, and laughs all around. Serious laughs. It seems like the older I get the more I enjoy spending time with my family. It turns out we all just like to get together and there is never any drama. I feel very fortunate for that. I regret that my kids have not been able to do much my family over the last couple of years as they always seem to be away at school, at their summer jobs, or otherwise engaged. Some day!

How happy my dad, Auntie, and Uncle Joe would be to see the family enjoying ourselves in this way. These big get togethers are like the ones I grew up with...they help tie us to the past.

So, in advance of Thanksgiving and the opportunity it gives us to step back and give thanks, I give thanks for my family all year long!


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