White Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Storm
Early this morning, after days of of anxiety over the impending "winter event" that started yesterday afternoon and was expected to last several days, we made our way down the NYS Thruway to pick up Annalisse for the Thanksgiving holiday. Before hitting the open road, though, we stopped by to pick up big bro at RIT. I was really happy he came (And early! We picked him up at 6:30am) since he had not been to Mercyhurst, so that was nice.

We got to the college by 9:15 and were back on the road heading home, after a stop at Panera, by 10:30, arriving back at around 1:30. Thankfully, the storm was over-predicted (as usual), and the roads were clear with very fine flurries but no accumulation. Now the anxiety can start about the trip back on Sunday, but not before we spend some wonderful time together. It's so nice have my chicks back in the nest - and puppy is pretty happy, too!!


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