Thoughts on the Empty Nest

Wow, how many times have I been asked (or have I asked) about our imminent "empty nest" status in the last two years?
~When Cam went to college it was: In two years you'll be empty nesters!
~Recently, it's been: How will you like having an empty nest?
~And, as of yesterday, it became: Now you're an empty nester! What will you do with all your free time?
I have to admit, it's certainly going to be weird from now on. With the kids gone most of the summer for the last several years, I'm probably a little more experienced with the empty nest than some of our friends. I think I'll just keep pretending they are at camp. After all, Cam is just 20 minutes away and we had dinner with him last night, and I'll be seeing Annalisse again the weekend of October 4.

My friend posted this really great article on Facebook that I thought resonated so well about this period of our lives. It certainly feels like one great big page has turned and that, although they'll float back in and out of our lives, they'll never really be back "for good." This, I believe, is heartbreaking but at the same time exactly how it is supposed to be.


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