Back on the Water

Kind of a silly shot
Today we went to the first of Cam's fall regattas in Welland, Ontario. It was a great site with actual seating and lots of lawn to hang out on for the many hours before and after his boat actually passed by.

Even though Cam is just 20ish minutes away we haven't seen him in two weeks. His schedule this fall is really busy between classes, work, and crew, and the weeks just seem to be flying by. He told me today he was sick all last week, which I sort of knew from stalking his Twitter account, but he had not told me at the time ("I knew you'd be worried"). I think the early hours for practice six days a week are probably something that is hard to manage, and he's getting a little run down. Of course, I'm walking that fine line between checking in occasionally and bugging him too much. I think I'm doing a pretty good job of not micromanaging him, not that he would let me anyway!

So, back to the race. We got to the regatta around 11am, and his boat was set to launch at 12:50, so we had plenty of time. We found the RIT tent and hung out there and chatted with him and the other parents. The rowers headed down to launch around noon, and finally made their appearance back down near the viewing area about 1:20. In the fall, the races are "timed," meaning they are not head to head like they are in the spring, which makes the spring regattas more interesting and fun to view. And the weather could not have been more perfect. I've been to regattas in the worst of conditions and this day was an absolute gift!!

When the guys returned to the tent after the race, we hung around a little more for the results (fourth out of four boats [aka "last place"] - oh well, better luck next time!), then hit the road for home, arriving back in Fairport by 4:30.

Not a bad little day trip.

The video is of the boat heading back to the dock after the race.


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