No News (is just plain No News)

This is probably the longest I've gone without checking in. There's just not a lot that's blog-worthy right now. Life is rolling along with its ups and downs.

Some "Ups": We had a fun time last weekend seeing "Wicked" (me for the second time, Mark for the first, and Annalisse for the third), and Mary and Carol both visited to go to the show. It was nice family time. Also, the weather is finally getting nicer!!!

Some "Downs": We have been shaken once again with another unspeakable act of terrorism with the bombings at the Boston Marathon. The devil is alive and well. There is evil, but events like this demonstrate that there is so much more good in people than evil. Still, thinking of those who were killed and those who were gravely injured is just heartbreaking.

At the Bakerhaus we are gearing up for all our renovations this summer. This week the plumbing will be done, followed by the resulting repairs to the wall and ceiling. Then, our little fence will be installed within the next couple of weeks, then the new windows and porch rebuild, the garage renovation, and finally the finishing touches: a new house paint job. I'm psyched to see the finished result and will post pictures as we go. Stay tuned!


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