A Moment Like This

Last night was a very romantic Downstage show. Of course I'm being a little facetious. Well, maybe it turned out to be more romantic than expected.

Blake, one of the Downstage kids and one of Annalisse's best friends, asked her to the Senior Ball during the shows opening moments. They, and we, knew about "the big ask" ahead of time, so I was able to queue up the camera to capture this very special (although not necessarily spontaneous or unplanned) moment:

Very cute! The big night is Saturday, May 18, and we've had her dress for a couple of weeks now. They'll have a lot of fun together.

Here's where the real romance of the night happened: Unbeknownst to us, there was real romance lurking behind the scenes and during the last skit they were joined by a Downstage alum from 2008 who called upon his longtime girlfriend, also a Downstage alum, and proposed with a sparkly ring. The DS kids knew it was going to happen, but the girlfriend and the audience didn't. It was really sweet!!


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