From the Sunshine State to Sunshine

I arrived home late last night from my week in Florida at the Gaylord Palms, a beautiful resort in Kissimmee, just outside Orlando, where I was attending the NAGAP board meeting and annual conference.

Now before you get too envious, I have to let you know that although I was in a sunny, hot, climate I spent a precious few moments enjoying the weather and the resort. I was busy with meetings, board commitments or conference activities for the entire week, with the exception of Wednesday morning, when I took my time getting ready for our noon lunch and had a chance to wander around for a bit.

I am absolutely not complaining about this...just trying to stem your envy! ;)  It was so wonderful to spend time with my inspiring, wonderful, smart colleagues who have become such dear friends.

One of the greatest things about coming back was that spring has finally sprung in Rochester. The grass looks greener than when I left, the buds are on the trees and the plants are peeking their heads above the soil. The pachysandra bed is resplendent in daffodil bunches and they certainly make the lawn look more cheery. To usher in spring I made "beer can chicken" (embracing my inner redneck) on the grill for the first time tonight. It came out pretty good, but a five pound chicken was definitely too much for the three of us.

Tomorrow we have a pretty uneventful Sunday to look forward to. Maybe I can even get a much-needed nap in!!


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