The 17 Year Old Groupie

Another late night.

Last night was the Macklemore concert at RIT, which was Annalisse's second major concert in four days. On Thursday she traveled with her friend, Taylor (and Taylor's family) to Cleveland to the Taylor Swift concert (that's a lot of "Taylors"...), and then there was the spring concert at RIT. She saw two of her fave artists in one week. Annalisse's taste in music is pretty aligned with mine in most cases, but we part ways with Macklemore, who is apparently the deep-thinking, message-filled rapper of our time, kind of like the 90s Eminem. She was beyond excitement in the hours leading up to the concert, and met up with some friends there. Ironically, she did not see her brother among the 6,000 fans but, according to Twitter, he thought it was a pretty amazing concert, too.

Ah, but there will be Hell to pay for all this FUN. Today she has driver's ed after school and won't be home until about 8:15. I'm sure she will be cranky and uncommunicative. I think I'll stay out of her way tonight.


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