Glorious Sunday

Unlike the previously aforementioned (is that a word?) "Banner Tuesday," today is definitely a glorious Sunday. It's warm, breezy and we have not received the rain that was forecasted. After church it seemed like the perfect day to:

  • Clean the bathroom (not really, but it needed to be done)
  • Brush the dog
  • Play catch with the dog
  • Play hide and seek with the dog (wow that all sounds extremely cat[dog]-ladyish and pathetic)
  • Make rice for the week (a staple in Annalisse's diet with her IBS issues)
  • Catch up on last week's season premier of "Game of Thrones"
  • Get psyched for the new season of "Mad Men" (WOOT WOOT!!) starting tonight at 9
Mark found out last week that he will be on a Rochester-based project for six months beginning the third week in April, which is awesome news. With all the work we're doing around the house this spring, along with all the activities associated with Annalisse's graduation, that will work out perfectly. I'm not sure when he "hits the road" again but it sounds like this will last until September or October. Maybe in the meantime he can look for a position in Rochester again. We'll see.

We have some really fun stuff coming up: next weekend we see Wicked, which will be awesome, and two weeks from today is Jasper's 6th birthday (a good excuse to put a birthday hat on him and go to Moonlight Creamery for ice cream). Then, I head to Florida for a week on Monday, April 22. Oh, poor me!

The only thing that would make this glorious Sunday more perfect would be a rockin' thunderstorm! (As long as it doesn't knock out the power so I can't watch Mad Men tonight.)


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