What Did You Like Most About Today?

Thursday was a great day. For having such an unlucky number (1/3/13), it sure turned out to be a lucky day.

It reminded me of when the kids were little, before bedtime, we would say our prayers and I would ask them, "What did You like most about today?" Sadly, neither bedtime routine has survived past grade school, BUT, if I were still asking "What did You like most about today?", Annalisse would have had a lot to like about Thursday, such as:

  • We received a tuition exchange scholarship to Mercyhurst University!! Yippee ki oh ki-yay! We don't know the exact details yet, but it usually means tuition for all four years up to a certain amount (traditionally around $30,000). While we still need to hear from the other four schools before making a definitive decision, I think her mind is pretty well set on Mercyhurst.
  • She had to work but got out early, around 7pm, then we went to the mall and she bought some elusive black leggings. That girl loves to shop.
  • She heard Celine Dion on the radio (twice) and sang at the top of her lungs in her "Celine Dion" voice. Then, Train (50 Ways to Say Goodbye) came on the radio. What a day!
  • Three weeks from Thursday we will be in San Juan. Sun and fun!
We are so excited and relieved about the scholarship. If we play our cards right (and plan wisely) she could leave college with little or no student debt. A great bright spot!!


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