Depressing January

It's not been a super happy week at the Bakers as Annalisse has been upset about her classmate, Blake's decline in health. Unfortunately, he passed away last evening and she, and the rest of the Fairport community, is feeling pretty down about that. One bright spot is that the school as able to present Blake with his diploma a couple of days before he passed away. His actual diploma, not an honorary one. I'm sure that made him feel great. The ravages of cancer are so's hard to believe we have not yet found a way to conquer it. Some, like Blake and also my childhood neighbor, Scott LaPointe (who, like Blake was diagnosed just this past February), who lost his battle right before Christmas, go too, too soon. So, so sad.

We are so happy to be able to look forward to our trip to Puerto Rico on January 24. It will be nice "girl time" (Nic and Annalisse are going with me) with some relaxing time on the beach for the girls while I'm in my meetings. Although it's just for a long weekend I think it will do wonders to rejuvenate us and give us the "push" we need to get through the rest of the winter.


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