Spa Day

Make mine a double!
Yesterday I had the opportunity to do something I rarely allow myself to do. ("What could it be? What could it be?" You ask anxiously...)

 I enjoyed the gift of a spa treatment with a Swedish massage and pedicure at Elan Spa (The Lodge at Woodcliff), courtesy of Mark's Christmas gift. The package I chose came complete with a pomegranate martini and chocolate truffles. Mark and Annalisse joined me after the massage for a nice lunch, then Annalisse and I had pedis. THIS IS LIVING! 
Mean mom made her study
for her bio test during her pedi

I'm so glad Mark thought of such a unique gift for me as spa treatments are never anything I do for myself (with the rare exception of prompting from my girlfriends on a girls weekend or other getaway). It was super refreshing and relaxing after a pretty stressful week at work. In fact, when I become rich I am going to get a pedi and a massage once a month. If I had a million dollars...!


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